A disciple is a follower of Jesus. It is anyone who is converted. Joined to Christ. Born again. In other words, every Christian is a disciple. A disciple is not a special category or a higher degree of Christian or a more serious Christian. Every believer is a disciple. 


We also appreciate that fact that people are different. God has created each and every one of us to be a unique bearer of His divine image. Which means that not everyone can discipled in the same way. (nor should they be!)


Regardless of where you are in life; whether you are a student, a parent or a brand new believer, we believe that our custom approach - ranging from 1-on-1 meetings to group discipleship sessions, will be sure to meet your needs and help you draw closer to Jesus Christ.


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One of our pastors will be more than glad to talk with you and come up with a discipleship program that is right for you.